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T3W5 Weekly Quiz : How much money??

Xuan Zhi and Truston have $30 altogether.
They have only $5 and $10 notes.
Xuan Zhi has more money than Truston but they have the same number of notes.
How much money does Truston have?


Kent Ong said...

Xuan Zhi $20 (2pcs of $10)
Truston $10 (2pcs of $5)

Wee Liang Sheng said...
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Wee Liang Sheng said...

Xuan Zhi: $5(0pc) $10(2pcs)=$20
Truston : $5(2pcs) $10(0pc) =$10
total : $10 + $20 = $30

Answer: Truston have $10.

celsius chia said...

Xuan Zhi $20 ( 2 pcs of $10 )

Truston $10 ( 2 pcs of $5)


Nur Liyana (2/6) said...

Xuan Zhi has two pices of ten dollar note.
Truston has two pices of five dollar note.

Alfaatih's Website said...

Xuan Zhi $20 (2pcs of $10)
Truston $10 (2pcs of $5)

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