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P3 Science And Maths Edublogs

Hi, pupils.

It will be 2010 soon. Happy New Year and may all of you have a fruitful year ahead.

In order to enhance your learning experience,the Maths and Science Edublogs are set up . You can check them out @
(1) P3 Maths Edublog
(2) P3 Science Edublog

Happy New Year once again and see you in school next year.

Holiday Activities Wk 6 : Even More Science Web Resources!

Hi, all.
The following websites are recommended by Yi Min (2/7). Have fun !
(1) Science @ Funschool  Arcade
(2) Brain Pop Science (y

Holiday Activities Wk 5: Using Models Again!

Hi, all.
We have learned how to use model for additon and subtraction problems.
In Primary 3, you are going to learn how to use models for Multiplication and Division Problem.
You can learn more about Model Drawing @ Thinking Blocks.

Holiday Wk Activites Wk 4: Interactive Science!

Hi, pupils.
Jia Yin of class 2/8 has recommended another Science Website. Visit the Interactive Science Revision for some interactive science activites.

Holiday Wk Activites Wk 4: All about Climate Change!

Hi, pupils.

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) conference is currently held in Copenhagen (capital of Denmark).Demark is part of Europe During the meeting, representatives from the various countries will discucss ways to protect the environment.


View Larger Map

Do you want to know more about climate change ? You can visit the EPA Cliumate Change. Remember we too can make a difference and must do our part to save the environment.


Holiday Activities Wk 3- Know more about Your Teeth!

Hi, pupils.

Do you want to know more about your teeth?
Visit the Science @ The Children's University of Manchester for more details.

Holiday Activities Wk 2- Logic Games!

(1) Lady Bug Maze (Help Lady Bug to get out of the Maze)
(2) Peg Puzzle (Click on Instructions on how to play this game)

Holiday Activities Wk 2- More Science Resources

Hi, pupils.
Are you ready for Science next year ? Do check out even more Science Web Resources on the Web. Have fun!

(1) BBC Science Video Clips (Jia Yin of class 2/8)

(2) SciBeriDiver -Dive deep into Science

Holiday Activities Wk 1 - Science Websites

Hi, all.

Do check out the websites suggested by pupils of 2/8.

(1) Engaging Science (Angel)
(2) Find a Word Puzzle (Wen Jie) - Remember to choose the Science Category.
(3) Fun for the Brain -- Science Experiment (Desiree)

Holiday Activities Wk 1 - Numbers to 10000

In Primary 3, you are going to learn numbers to 10000.

You can practice your numeracy skills at the following websites:

(1) Abacus Integer
(2) Recognizing Numbers

T4W9 : E Learning @ Nov 13

Hi, pupils.

Please log on to the P2 Mathematics Beacon Portal and try out the activities under E Learning @ Beacon Nov 13. Please take note that all the activities will only be "revealed" on Friday the 13th.

The activities are as follow:

(1) Rush Hour

(2) Ken Ken

(3) Minesweeper

Have fun!

Common Mistakes for Practice Paper

T4W7 : Revision Powerpoint

T4W6 : Beacons' Word Problems

Hi, pupils.
Do try out the various revision word problems contributed by your fellow Beacon @ P2 Beacon Maths Portal. Do continue to contribute your own revision problems during the PSLE Marking Week.

Remember to write your number statements if you are answering the questions. You can also comment on your friends' solutions or questions. Sometimes, they might not be correct and do help them to spot the mistakes.

Have fun!

T4W6 : Word Problems With Agent Leon

Practice your word problems with your favourite agent, Leon @ Maths World

T4W6: P2 Maths Beacon Portal Quiz

Hi, pupils.
Do attempt the Revision Quizzes @ Beacon Portal Quizzes if you have not done so.
The Beacon Portal Quizzes can be found @ P2 Beacon Maths Portal.

T4W4 : Revision Quiz

Revision Quiz 4

T4W3 : Revision Quiz 3

Revision Quiz 3

T4W3 : Geoboard

We can create various shapes on a geoboard using rubber band.
You can too create shapes using the virtual geoboard @ Geoboard-NLVM.

Have fun!

Time And Money Revision

(1) BBC Telling Time
(2) Time Quiz
(3) Igloo Shopping
(4) Shopping Game

Challenging Word Problems

Hi, all.

It is now time to put on your thinking caps and solve some challenging questions.

(1) Thinking Blocks
(2) Guess the Number
(3) Grand Slam Maths (Try both the levels)

T4W2 : Revision Quiz 2

Hi, pupils.
Do try out the Week 2 Quiz!

I have added in the feedback for some questions. The feedback will be given for the wrong answers. Do read and understand the feedback so that you know where your mistake is.

Remember that it is okay to be wrong for the first time. Always learn from your mistake and do not make the same mistake twice.

T4W2 : Create your own Shape Pattern

Hi, pupils.
Create your very own shape pattern using the template given.
Have fun!

T4W2 : Shape Pattern

The pattern is no just a normal shape pattern. It is is a shape pattern with numbers!
Put on your thinking cap and solve this intriguing shape pattern.
Have fun cracking the safe!

T4W1 : Revision Quiz 1

Hi, pupils.
Have fun with the weekly  Week 1 Revision Quiz.

T4W1: Copying Shapes

Try copying the shapes using the grid provided.

The steps are as follows:
(1) Create a shape.
(2) Copy the same shape using the grids provided.

T3W10 : Do you know?

Do you know that we can break shapes with straight lines into triangles?

You can try drawing any "funny" shape with straight lines and you can always break them up into triangles .

Try it and see it for yourself.

You can draw the shapes into MS Powerpoint and start "breaking away".

T3W10 : Breaking Shapes

Hi, all.
We have learnt forming shapes with other shapes.
Now , we are trying to break out the shapes to rectangles, squares or rectangle.

Download the BreakingShape and start "breaking away". Have fun!

T3W9 : Forming Shapes with other shapes

Read Course Book 2B Pg 118-125 (Geomtry)

(1) Download the Shape powerpoint slides. Form 2 shapes with the shapes given and remeber to label the shape. Then, upload the powerpoint slides to  Maths Portal for your friends to see.
(2) Tangram Movie
(3) Forming Square with other shapes - Tangram

(4)Challenging Tangram!
(5) Even More Challening Tangram

T3W9 : Picture Graph

Read Course Book 2B Pg 144- 149.

(1) Tutorial on BBC-Picture Graph

(2) BBC Picture Graph Game

(3) Graph Song

T3W7 : Ice Cream Making

Hi, all.

Hope you have enjoyed your ice-cream making session today.

You can try that at home too. You can watch the video @ Video Jug- How to make Ice-cream in 5 minutes.

Do tell us about your ice-cream making experience at school or at home in the P2 Mathematics Forum. Have fun!

T3W6 : Volume Investigation

You may want to try out the Volume Investigation Activity at home if you parents allow.

You can download the Learning Sheet here.

T3W5 : Famous Number System

You can create the famous number sequence using Microsoft Excel or Edit Grid.
Number Sequence2
View more presentations or Upload your own.

T3W5 Weekly Quiz : How much money??

Xuan Zhi and Truston have $30 altogether.
They have only $5 and $10 notes.
Xuan Zhi has more money than Truston but they have the same number of notes.
How much money does Truston have?

T3W5 : Volume

Please read CourseBook 2B - Volume Pg 106-117.

(1) Attempt the Volume Quiz @ P2 Maths Beacon Portal.

(2) Try out the word problems (Question 1 - 11) on Pg 115 - 117. Please remember to read the word problems carefully. Some of the problems might be 2 step word problems.
The answers are as follows:

1(a) 3 l (b) 5 l (c) 3 l (2) 8 l (3) 36 l (4) 42 l

(5) 630 l (6) 8 l (7) 5 jugs (8) 32 l (9) 3 l (10) 2 l

(3) Pour to Score

T3W5 : The Singapore Mint

You can check out the history of Singapore Currency @ The Singapore Mint Website. Click on Knowledge Zone --> Currency Evolution In Singapore.

Have fun learning more about Singapore Currency.

Share what you have learn @ P2 Maths Forum - What do you know about Singapore Currency.

T3W4 : Number Sequence Using Spreadsheet

Hi, all.

You can learn more about Number Sequence @ MathsIsFun

You can calculate the terms in the number sequences using Microsoft Excel. If you do not have Microsoft Excel at home , you can try the online spreadsheet @ Edit Grid.

One small step for man, one giant leap for mankind

Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon on 20th July, 1979.

Catch this video produced by NASA on the historic first moonwalk. Enjoy.

You can explore the Apollo 11 Landing (the spacecraft that bring the first men to the moon) @ NASA - Explore the Apollo 11 Website.

You can also check out the photos @ NASA- Apollo 11 Image Gallery.

Share your thoughts about the first Moon Walk @ P2 Beacon Forum

T3W4 : What makes ...

Please read 56-65.

(1) What makes $1 ?

(2) What makes $2?

(3) What makes $10?

T3W3 : Money Web Resources (1)

Please read coursebook Pg 56-61.

Have fun with the Money Memory Games created by the Maths teachers.

(1) Money Memory Game 1

(2) Money Memory Game 2

Let's practice our money skills with the following Web-based games.

(1) Money Box

(2) Money Match

(3) Race Against Time and show me the correct amount of money

(4) Igloo Shopping

T3W2 : Number Patterns

(1) Create your very own number pattern @ Beacon Maths Portal.

(2) BBC - Numeracy Sequence

(3) Square Maker

(4) Crack the Code

(5) All about Number Patterns

T3W2 : Mass

Hi, pupils. We will be learning mass this term. Please read the Coursebook 2A Pg 74 - 87.

(1) Measuring Scales

(2) Mass Balance (Note the mistake made in this game. It should be mass, not weight. Remembe the unit for mass is kg or g while the unit for weight in N(newton)

(3) Measures (Choose Reading Mass)

(4) Weight it up

(5) Weight or Mass ? This tutorial will tell you the difference between weight and mass.

T3W2 : How many days?

It takes 5 painters 10 days to paint a house.
How many days does it take for 10 painters to paint the house?

T3W1 Thursday : Time

1) Download the Home-based E Learning Package Time – Lesson 4 Note that that is a zip file. You will need to unzip the lesson package.

(2) Unzip the file into the computer.

(3) Open the file titled "Time4Web.pps".

(4) Please note that there will be audio from Slide 3 onwards.

Note : If you do not have Microsoft powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer 2007

(5) Completed Activity Book 2B Part 2, Pg 30– 32

(6) Download the Activity Book from the Beacon P2 Maths Portal if you do not have the Activity Book 2B.

T3W1 Wednesday : Time

1) Download the Home-based E Learning Package Time – Lesson 3 Note that that is a zip file. You will need to unzip the lesson package.

(2) Unzip the file into the computer.

(3) Open the file titled "Time3Web.pps".

(4) Please note that there will be audio from Slide 3 onwards.

Note : If you do not have Microsoft powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer 2007

(5) Completed Activity Book 2B Part 2, Pg 28– 29

(6) Download the Activity Book from the Beacon P2 Maths Portal if you do not have the Activity Book 2B.

T3W1 Tuesday Home Based Learning : Time

1) Download the Home-based E Learning Package Time – Lesson 2 Note that that is a zip file. You will need to unzip the lesson package.

(2) Unzip the file into the computer.

(3) Open the file titled "Time2Web.pps".

(4) Please note that there will be audio from Slide 3 onwards.

Note : If you do not have Microsoft powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer 2007

(5) Completed Activity Book 2B Part 2, Pg 24– 27

(6) Download the Activity Book from the Beacon P2 Maths Portal if you do not have the Activity Book 2B.

T3W1 Monday Home Based Learning : Time

(1) Download the Home-based E Learning Package Time – Lesson 1. Note that that is a zip file. You will need to unzip the lesson package.

(2) Unzip the file into the computer.

(3) Open the file titled "Time1Web.pps".

(4) Please note that there will be audio from Slide 3 onwards.

(5) Completed Activity Book 2B Part 2, Pg 22 – 23

(6) Download the Activity Book from the Beacon P2 Maths Portal if you do not have the Activity Book 2B.

Note : If you do not have Microsoft powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer 2007

General Instructions For Home Based Learning

The instructions are for the pupils who are issued with Leave of Absence.

Before you start the Daily Home Learning Package

• Computer with speaker turned on
• Internet access
• User ID and Password to
• Printer (you may need to print out some of the activity sheets)
• Microsoft Powerpoint. If you do not have powerpoint, you can download the Powerpoint Viewer 2007

For Pupils on Leave of Absence(LOA)

Hi, especially those pupils who are on LOA,

please visit the P2 Maths blog daily for the Term 3 Week 1 Home-based lesson.
Lesson package will be uploaded only on the day before the actual lesson. For example, Monday's Lesson will only be uploaded on Sunday , 5 p.m.

Remember to study and do your homejoy!

Stay tuned!

Important Annoucement - School repoens next Monday-

Hi, pupils.

The school will be opened next Monday.

In order to keep H1N1 away, please remember to

(1) Bring thermometer daily. Make sure that the thermometer is working.

(2) Bring your travel declaration form (you will receive the form by post on Wednesday or Thursday). If you do not receive the form, please download from the Beacon Primary School Official Website.

(3) Be socially responsible

(4) Stay at home if you are unwell.

Stay healthy and see you back in school on Monday.

Pass this message to the rest of the classmates!

See you back in school.

Get Ready for E Learning @ Beacon

Hi, all.

Please get ready for the E Learning @ Beacon.

Make sure you can log into the Beacon Portal.

Beacon Primary School @ Adrenaline

Hi, pupils.

Support Beacon Primary School @ Adrenaline. Our very young reporters from 2/3, 2/4 and 2/7 will introduce some of the enrichment programs in Beacon Primary School.

Have fun watching the video.

Scratch Course in Beacon Portal

Hi, all.

I have set up a Scratch Course in Beacon Portal for the Scratch Enrichment Course. You can try going to the course and learn more about Scratch.
Have fun.

Scratch Programming (1)

Hi, pupils.

We will be teaching you how to program with Scratch during the last two Maths Modular lessons.
Hope that you will have fun "scratching" away.
You can download Scratch at the Scratch Website.

T2W8 : What are the numbers?

B x A = 24
B + A = 10
What are B and A?

Why is the tiger sad?

Post your thoughts about the extinct tiger @ P2 Beacon Maths Portal.

You can learn more about the extinct tigers by viewing the powerpoint below.

Revision Quizzes @ Beacon Maths Portal

Hi, pupils.

Please visit the P2 Beacon Maths Portal for the quizzes.

Length Web Resources

Hi, pupils.

The following Web Resources are contributed by Mr Teo.

Enjoy learning Maths by using the Web Resources.

(1) Easy Centimeter @ Fun Brain

(2) Perfect Postage

Term 2 Revision (1)

Hi, pupils.

Maths Test is around the corner. It is time to "play" your favourite games. Have fun while revising for your test.

(1) Fling the Teacher 1

(2) Maths Invaders

Create your own Word Problems

Hi, pupils.

Create your own word problems and post them on the new P2 Mathematics 2009 Beacon Portal.
I am looking forward to solve your word problems in the Let's Create Word Problem Forum.

T2W6 : How many coins?

Iezaz uses some coins to form a pentagon (a shape with 5 equal sides). There are 5 coins on each side. How many coins does he use?

All you know about magnets

Here are some Web Resources that you can go to so that you can learn more about magnets!

(1) Magnetic Material

(2) Magnets and Spring

(3) Tutorial On Magnet

T2W5 : What comes next?

What comes next?

1, 6, 16, 36, ____

Division Practice

Have fun with the following division games!

(1) Division Snowfight

(2) Patty Paints

(3) Aquatic Practice

Timed Multiplication Practice

Have fun with the timed multiplication practice. Remember your aim is to be fast and accurate.

(1) Maths Trainer

(2) Are you a Maths Magician?

(3) Learn Multiplication Tables Online (Choose Drill and Test)

(4) Number Invaders

T2W4 : What are the digits?

What digits does each letter represent if different letters
represent different digits?


T2W3 : How many cows?

There are 15 chickens, ducks and cows in the farm. They have 40 legs altogether. How many cows are there?

Practice Your Timetables

Hi, pupils.

It is time to know your timetables very well.

Do practice your timetables and have fun.

(1) Flight of the Knight

(2) Beach Rush

(3) Pizza Pizzaz

(4) Leon Maths Blox

Broken-Calculator Maths Investigation

Hi, all.

It is time to put on your thinking cap again.

Do try out the Broken-Calculator Maths Investigation.

T2W2 : How much time needed?

Mr Tan takes 5 seconds to saw a plank of wood into 2 pieces. How much time does he take to saw the wood into 5 pieces?


Hi, pupils.

You can try to download Scratch here .

Have fun "scratching"!

Challenging Draw a Diagram Problem

Hi, pupils

Do try out the challenging problems(that requires the use of Draw a Diagram strategy) that have been posted on the Maths Forum.

You can even create your own problems and challenge your friends.

Have fun at the Math Beacon Portal.

Magic Triangle

Try out the magic triangle

Russian Number

You can see how the Russian numbers are written. Do see if you can see the pattern in them. Have fun with Russian Numbers.

Dot Dot dash - the Mayan Maths

You can find more about the Maya Number System here.

World without numbers

Hi, pupils.

Imagine a world without numbers.

What will the world be like?

Do share your thoughts @ Beacon Maths Forum

More Metal Addition and Subtraction Practice (2)

Hi, pupils.
Here are more games that you can practice your addition and subtraction facts. Remember, in mathematics, we have to be fast and accurate.
(1) Leon's Maths Dojo Game (Choose 1 digit Addition and Subtraction)

Mental Addition And Subtraction (1)

Hi, pupils.

We have moved on to the next stage of addition and subtraction. Now, I am trainning you to do your mental calculation (withoout pencil and paper). To be a good mathematics pupil, you must be be both fast and accurate.

Let's practice the simple addition and subtraction facts. Remember you must be both fast and accurate. Have fun!

(1) Save the whales (Making Bonds of 10)

(2) Maths Popper

(3) Gingerbread House

What if there is no number in the world?

Hi, pupils.

Imagine a world without numbers.

What will the world be like?

Do share your thoughts @ Beacon Maths Forum

T2W1 : What is the number?

Each letter represents the digit.
What is the number represented by CAP?

Logic Games (2)

Hi, pupils.

Time to put on your thinking cap and try the challenging mathematics logic games.


(1) Number Square Puzzles

(2) Jugs Puzzle

(3) Tents Puzzle

(4) Coin Problem

Sony Creative Science Award

Hi, pupils.

Let your creative juice flow and design a toy with at least 1 scientific principle.

For more information , please visit the Sony Creative Science Award Website.

Do submit your toys to me by 3rd April 2009.

What comes next?

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13 , ______

Subtract Like Fraction

Please stop at 1:28. We are only learning how to subtract like fractions (same denominator) this year

Addition Like Fraction Video

Please stop at 1:48 . We are only learning how to add like addition of fraction (same denominator) this year.

Teaching Fraction (5) - Addition And Subtraction

Hi, pupils.

We have learnt about the basics of fractions.

Now, let's move on and learn about addition and subtraction of fractions.

(1) Fraction Bars (Again!)

(2) Fraction Workshop

(3) Add Fractions

(4) Subtract Fractions

Singapore Paper Plane Challenge

Hi, pupils.

There will be a paper plane competition at the Singapore Science Centre.

It will be held from 7 to 15 March 2009.

For more information, please visit the Singapore Science Centre : Singapore Plane Challenge.

Powerpoint Revision Games

Hi, pupils.

Do try out the powerpoint games created especially for you. You can download the powerpoint from the Beacon Portal:

(1) Who Wants to Be A Maths Whiz?

(2) Space Decoders

T1W9 : How many days?

During the year-end holidays, Lindy’s cousin went to her house. Everyday, they would play a game of chess. The loser would owe the other 1 piece of chocolate. After the last game they played, they counted the games each of them had won and lost. Lindy won more games and her cousin gave her 24 chocolates. Lindy’s cousin won 5 games.

How many days did Lindy’s cousin spend at her place?

All about Numbers Revision Quiz

T1W8 : How many cards?

There are 30 students in the classroom. On Valentine's Day, every student gives a card to each of the other students. How many cards are exchanged?

Draw A Diagram

Fraction Web Resource (3) - Comparing , Parts and Whole

1) Making A Whole (ChooseWhole Bar and Beginner)

(2) IXL Comparing Fractions

(3) Fraction Game

T1W7 : What is the time taken?

Suppose 5 monkeys eats 5 bananas in 5 minutes.
What is the time taken for 3 monkeys to eat 3 bananas?

Fraction Web Resources (1)

Have fun practicing your fraction skills with the following Web Resources:

(1) E-lab (Choose Fraction)

(2) iKnowthat - Fraction Picture Match

(3) Vectorkids

Word Problems

Hi, pupils.

It is time to solve word problems.

Do try out the following web resources.

(1)Maths PlayGround : Compare Two Amount : 2 steps.

(2) Maths PlayGround : Part-Whole : 3 parts

(3) Grand Slam Maths (Choose Level 1)

(4) Word Problem With Katie (Choose Level 1)

T1W6 : How much is the apple?

1 apple costs as much as 2 oranges.
2 apples cost $1 more than 2 oranges.
What is the cost of 1 apple?

Addition And Subtraction Forum in Beacon Portal

Hi, pupils.

I have posted some topics for discussion in the Beacon Maths Portal.

Do contribute to the forum. We will like to hear your views.

Sudoku 6x6

Hi, pupils.

It is time to revisit "Suduko".

Since you are in Primary 2, you are going to try to solve 6x6 sudukos.

Do try the online Suduko 6x6.

Teaching Subtraction

Hi, pupils.

We are now learning how to subtract 3 digit numbers.

The following Web Resources will teach you how to do just that.

Do try them out.

(1) E-lab - Subtraction of 3 digit numbers

(2) Base Block Subraction (Choose Columns = 3)

(3) Maths Playground - How do you subtract by regrouping?

(4) The Aoemba Subtraction Game

Brainpop Junior

Hi, pupils.

Hope you have fun watching the animation @ Brainpop Junior . You can sign up for the free trial and watch the animations like Scientific process @ Brainpop Junior.

Scientific Process

Hundreds, Tens and One

Hi, pupils.

Let's try to "break up" a 3 digit number into hundreds, tens and ones.

Do try out the Maths Web Resources

(1) BBC - Place the Pengiun (Now you can choose level 2)

(2) Arrow Cards

(3) Abacus Integers

Thinking Block

Hi, pupils.

Do watch the Thinking Block animation so that you will have some idea on what model drawing is all about.

Counting Beyond 100

Hi, all.

You have mastered the skills of "Numbers To 100". It is now time to advance to the next level - To be the master of "Numbers To 1000".

Let's start by knowing how to recognise and couting the numbers.

Have fun with the following Maths Web Resources.

(1) NumberNut.Com : Recognising Numbers

(2) IXL Maths - Number Lines to 1000

(3) IXL Maths - Counting Patterns

(4) Counting with Squares

(5) NumberNut.Com : Before And After

T1W1 Maths Quiz : How many 20 cent coins?

Glenn has twelve 20-cent and
50-cent coins worth $3.
How many 20-cents coins does he have?

“I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.” Thomas Edison